Necessity is the mother of all invention.

I would change it to “useful invention”.

The idea for this site was seeded by multiple requests for updates about what neat underground art events were happening in Atlanta. Once I noticed artATL.com was available, I discovered a solution to inviting hundreds of people to events on facebook.

Thus this website was born.

We are not planning on covering mainstream content such as: which artist the High Museum will have on display for the next few months. We would prefer to focus on the grassroots events that lack coverage. There are metric tons of exciting shows, concerts, workshops, people, exhibits, installations, volunteer opportunities, organizations, activities, etc. that seem to get overlooked. We wish to offer them another venue of exposure.

The intended audience for this site is people that are involved in, or who appreciate contemporary art in Atlanta. We will do our best to promote the cultivation of a healthy art scene in Atlanta, till death do us part.

Hold it down A-town,

ps. This will undoubtedly be amended at some future date, so don’t worry so much…

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